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GEONET is een innovatief bedrijf, gespecialiseerd in de aanleg van particuliere en openbare tuinen en zwemgelegenheden.

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Borden Park

The water treatment for this public swimming pool is 100% natural. It is visited by an average of 1,000 bathers daily. The Polyplan water treatment uses gravel filters and planting zones to which the water flows in a closed circuit to remove suspended particles, bacteria and phosphorus. Phosphorus removal is an essential measure to reduce algae and aquatic plant growth. Pool water is drawn from the pool along the infinity edge and pumped through to the water treatment units. The water is evenly distributed over the filter surface via nozzles and then filtered through a gravel filter bed. A living biofilm grows on the surface of the gravel that binds algae and bacteria, purifying the water. UV lamps are also used in the circuit to supplement hygienic purification.

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