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GEONET is een innovatief bedrijf, gespecialiseerd in de aanleg van particuliere en openbare tuinen en zwemgelegenheden.

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Study office
for water treatment

GEONET specialises in conducting various studies to ensure that private and public swimming projects meet the highest standards.

Among other things, we offer assistance to garden and construction contractors or novice swimming pond builders in designing an efficient filter arrangement and water treatment. In addition, we are regularly called in by other engineering firms or architects to carry out purification studies to ensure the water quality of lakes, rivers and other public swimming facilities. But you can also hire us for design studies. Our expertise and experience ensure that we can always offer a suitable solution for every project.

To give our end customers a realistic picture of what the swimming pond, garden and surroundings will look like, we work with 3D renderings of our designs.

We create technical plans for swimming ponds and water features so that you, as a contractor, can carry out these constructions in conjunction with construction projects.

From existing swimming ponds and pools to new construction projects, you can count on our swimming pond advice. GEONET is there to support you.

GEONET specialises in water decomposition and analysis. We examine swimming water parameters to improve quality where necessary.

With digital systems like DANA, BlueConnect and Ondina, we can easily monitor water values and know when maintenance is needed.