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GEONET is een innovatief bedrijf, gespecialiseerd in de aanleg van particuliere en openbare tuinen en zwemgelegenheden.

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Water analysis

GEONET specialises in water analysis. We examine swimming water parameters to determine its quality and improve it where necessary.

When using well or rainwater, we examine what water treatment methods are needed to make the water suitable for swimming. We do the same for large public projects where, for example, studies are needed to determine whether river water is swimmable. Our studies also include microbiological research, which is essential for public bathing facilities.

Keep your swimming water in top condition

Standard research

During a standard survey, we check important values such as pH, water hardness (GH/KH), salinity, chlorinity, phosphate and nitrate levels. You will then receive the results together with advice on any actions that can be taken to keep the bathing water in top condition.


The water samples go to a laboratory for thorough analysis. Afterwards, you will receive a report with expert advice on any actions you need to take to ensure swimming quality.

PUBLIC projects

Monitoring with DANA

DANA is an online platform, developed by Polyplan, that answers the various needs of our customers. It is an intüitive software that takes a holistic approach to the water feature, mapping all parameters as one coherent whole. For public projects, this control is usually combined with Ondina. For private ponds, we combine DANA with BlueConnect from Astralpool.