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GEONET is een innovatief bedrijf, gespecialiseerd in de aanleg van particuliere en openbare tuinen en zwemgelegenheden.

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Water quality monitoring

With the help of digital systems such as DANA, BlueConnect and Ondina, GEONET monitors water quality.
We monitor pH, temperature, electricity and water consumption for you and provide optimisations in terms of energy efficiency and efficiency in the use of maintenance products.

Keep up your water quality

DANA 2.0

DANA 2.0 is a convenient online platform, originally developed as a control for public swimming pools, and now also available for small private pools. With it, we can now offer intuitive software for full operational management. Not only operational and weather data, but also laboratory values, live data and highly reliable alarm management systems are now available on a single platform. The web interface also features integrated controls. Everything from one source, secure, fast and flexible.

DANA 2.0 shows how water quality of a water body is doing, so we can immediately provide the right support. You can connect this controller with Ondina or BlueConnect to measure water values. DANA 2.0 works on both mobile and desktop.

DANA 2.0 is a product by Polyplan Kreikenbaum.

Ondina is a product by Polyplan Kreikenbaum.

check your technical room


Ondina is an extension to DANA that allows you to accurately monitor the technical installation of a swimming pool. The energy consumption of the pumps, consumption of water, water level, water temperature, outside temperature, pH … the technical installation no longer holds any secrets for you.

The platform also allows you to monitor water loss and/or evaporation, and control parameters such as pH and water temperature. Ondina is a very comprehensive system that is particularly useful for public swimming pools.


BlueConnect by Astralpool

For private pools, GEONET uses BlueConnect, a more user- and budget-friendly alternative to Ondina. The little device has fewer functions which makes it easier for individuals and laymen to handle. You simply place BlueConnect in the water to read the water conductivity, pH value and water temperature. This system also allows GEONET to monitor water values remotely and make adjustments if needed.